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Repair of motor drive device from October 2020 to January 2021

The equatorial mount was manufactured in 1988          
Failed electronic circuit boards              
An old right ascension motor, gears
and a  worm wheel in the mount
  An old declination motor          
Old motors used for 32 years   A declination worm wheel and gears          
Replacement of motors              
Replacement of motors              
Adjustment of a worm gear   A new declination motor          
A new right ascension motor in the mount   The mount after repair          
PC monitor for automatic introduction of celestial bodies   E-ZEUS II, computer-controlled device manufactured by Kisei Co., Ltd.          

Observation of Jupiter in the southeastern sky at dawn in February 2021


Special thanks to Mr.Yukihiro Takatsuki, Kisei Co.,Ltd. and Mr.Tetsuo Wakugawa for their support